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It is a new generation of ceilings and tensioning walls for Architecture and Interior Design, with colour or with custom printing.


The DESCOR® solution is an innovative technology, developed on the basis of a technical textile in polyester, with a special PU spreading characteristics of tensioning, resistance and durability.


The DESCOR® ceiling or wall is mounted in a system of profiles, placed around the perimeter of the area to be coated. The composition and quality of the tensioning ceiling allow the perfect handling and placement. The DESCOR® System can be used in root constructions or renovations of buildings.

• Quality and durability

• Impressive Visual Spectrum

• No cracks or bubbles

• Quick installation, without damages

• Long life Cycle

Excellent cost-benefit ratio

• No seams or unions by welding

• Very pleasant acoustical environment

• Thermal Insulation

• Environmentally Friendly

Ceilings and walls with colour or personalized printing

DESCOR® AM profile

The DESCOR® AM profile enables direct fastening onto the wall, in order to achieve the required suspension height. This fastening profile is especially suitable for fastening onto plasterboards

DESCOR® AP profile

In the case of direct fastening onto the existing wall/ ceiling the DESCOR® AP profile enables a minimum installation depth of 10 mm (which corresponds to the height of the profile).


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