The Madrid-born Eugenio Recuenco, one of the best fashion photographers, celebrates his fiftieth birthday with an exhibition in Fuenlabrada – Madrid, where he portrays the best of his career. It is untitled “365º: A trip to contemporary history captured in photographs.


While each photo is interesting by itself, there is certainly something that makes

this project special; which is the total dimension of the work.


The grandiosity of this project is a kind of disruption: 366 images, 8 years of

work, 120 models, a team of 300 people and the vision of a unique photographer, Eugenio Recuenco. All this to create one of the most spectacular exhibitions that have been seen in Spain.



Project “365” – Can light boxes bring life to 366 images?


The work is conceived based on independent light boxes that backlight the photographs smoothly. The frames of the photographs are attached to each other to extend and seize the different spaces where it is exposed. The works are interconnected between them and their presentation in mouldable and is not subject to a certain external lighting.


In each of the pictures, the story that it tells is as important as the place where it shown. A box almost four meters high by more than two and a half feet wide and deep with a tiny window through which the stimuli from outside arrive.


MEEVO and PONGS were chosen by CLOROFILA DIGITAL as technological partners in this impressive project. They have collaborated in the definition of textiles and supply of the perfect components such as profiles and lightning technology suitable for the success of this exhibition.


CLOROFILA also use the MEEVO’s solutions for the  perimetral seam finishing of the printed panels for SEG.


CLOROFILA DIGITAL has chosen ARTIST MAMBO LIGHTBOX backlit textile from PONGS for printing with its latest generation latex technology, MEEVO POWER LED technology for lightning, and MATRIX PROFILE 100 LIGHTBOX for framing. The result of the printing and assembly of the exhibition made by CLOROFILA DIGITAL was astonishing.


The tremendous success of the exhibition made it be extended until the end of March in Madrid and it’s planned to move later to Berlin and New York.

366 images supported by light boxes

Eugenio Recuenco: “365º”

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Eugenio Recuenco


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