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Evolon® by Freudenberg

Evolon® is a registered trademark of Carl Freudenberg KG, Germany

The magic printing media for signs, communication, advertising and decoration


Being strong, light weight, and anti-wrinkle, Evolon® is “the” new printing media, with a unique matt artistic look and textile drape.


Evolon® can be used indoor or outdoor, for posters, banners, POP advertising, wall coverings, giclees, calendars, packaging, racing number.


Evolon® is also a PVC-free environmentally-friendly solution for digital printing.



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Evolon® provides outstanding printed results, sharp pictures and deep colors.


As it can be flame-retardant treated it is perfect for indoor. And it is weather-resistant and UV-resistant so that it can be used outdoor while being 3 or 4 times lighter than traditional outdoor banner materials.


Users appreciate additional benefits of Evolon®, such as breathability and textile feel, for racing numbers, sound absorption for indoor use, softness and surface protection for packaging, non-fraying edges for easier converting.


Evolon® is compatible with a wide range of digital printing technologies: inkjet (aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, UV-cured, latex) and sublimation.


Being PVC-free, Evolon® is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional banner materials.


The technological revolution of microfilaments, a new generation of microfiber fabric.


The Evolon® technology is a unique, world-wide patented continuous textile manufacturing process.

Technical Data

Compatible with UV-cured inks and latex inks, water-based, solvent, eco-solvent inks, sublimation.


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