A Lightbox for MEEVO’s NEW

Collaborative Project!

MEEVO welcomes another project with a great successful collaboration.


La Chrome’s invitation was positively accepted by MEEVO, developping the lightboxs for the entrance to MU.SA (Museu de Artes de Sintra - Sintra Art Museum). The lightbox is used as a piece of art and decoration. It welcomes everybody who visits the museum to attend David Lynch’s “Small Stories” and Sandro Miller’s “Psychogenic Fugue” exhibitions. The exhibits are part of the LEFFEST’18 - Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival’18 program.



With its known irreverence and versatility, MEEVO in collaboration with La Chrome has participated on the development of this lightbox, bringing to the project it’s expertise and know-how on lighting, aluminum frames, textile printing, and installation.



Product technical features


This lightbox was designed for the “Small Stories” and Sandro Miller’s “Psychogenic Fugue” exhibitions and its intended purpose: a central piece that will have a big impact on and welcome all those who visit the exhibitions. The image had to be welcoming and do justice to the creative and cultural content the visitors will find inside.


With this in mind, MEEVO developed a lightbox that included:


- MEEVO Power LEDs

- Matrix Frame Profile 100 Lightbox

- PONGS Mambo Lightbox Textile

- Matrix Textile Printing



This is a product type you can order in different sizes and quantities from MEEVO. In this case, the lightbox has features and properties designed to meet the challenge set by La Chrome. The final result of this project shows the potential of light boxes, both for interior design and for announcing projects and/or events.


If you would like to see the full potential of this project, please email us at meevo@meevo.pt and ask for a product quotation or demonstration.

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