SEG Keder

The most universal finishing for the soft signage industry

SEG Keder reel
SEG Keder reel

Perfect SEG Keder for all types of fabrics

When it comes to display advertising, Silicone Edge Graphics Keder can be sewn into the edge of your textile prints and then inserted into a frame. Our SEG Keder is compatible with virtually all display frame systems, enabling uniformly tensioned fabric panels and quickly replacing images for decor and communication.

This method allows you to create a flat surface without folds or creases, perfect for impactful, easily removable and renewable communication.

Wide scope of application: Lightboxes, Museums and Showrooms, Window Display, POS, Offices and Interior Architecture environments.

MEEVO SEG Keder is made of an optimal combination of hardness and elasticity levels that make it the perfect solution for the diversified fabric offer. It adapts perfectly to the greater or lesser elasticity of the fabric resulting in a perfect finish and an excellent final result – there are no puckered or rippled fabrics during the sewing process.

Reel Holder with SEG Keder BTS

Perfect for any SEG sewing technology

MEEVO SEG Keder is also ideal for several SEG sewing technologies; whether it is applied by an automatic, semi-automatic, or manual sewing machine, the final result is always flawless.

All these combined characteristics make MEEVO SEG Keder the most universal finishing solution for Fabric Display.

Features of SEG Keder

  • Creates a tight and strong SEG finishing¬†
  • SEG Keder works with all SEG applications for textile frames
  • Can be recycled
  • Perfect results in automatic, semi-automatic and manual sewing machines
SEG Keder reel

PVC - Virgin



200 meters cardboard reel

10 mm x 3 mm
12 mm x 3 mm
14 mm x 3 mm

Produced in

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