SM Optima +SEAS

Increase your productivity and quality in an easy and efficient way

SM Optima with SEAS
SM Optima with SEAS

A highly productive and economical sewing system for the soft signage industry

The SM Optima +SEAS is a highly productive semi-automatic sewing machine for sewing SEG Keder on textile panels.

This sewing machine is the right choice to start or increase your presence in the fast-growing Silicone Edge Graphics industry.

With low maintenance and high reliability, this machine was developed to be easy to use and easily moved across factory floor when necessary.

SM Optima integrates a high-end lockstitch sewing machine, an optimized sewing table for handling large fabric panels and a SEAS Universal Kit.

How SM Optima works?

With a lockstitch Durkopp Adler sewing head, SM Optima is a highly productive machine that ensures processing speed, manufacturing quality and high working efficiency.

The SEG Keder feed is simple, practical and fault-free through a reel holder support system, a motorized feeder that detects whether to feed the sewing machine or not and a SEG Keder and fabric panel guiding system, which is applied next to the footer to ensure perfect alignment of both parts, the keder and the fabric panel.

Features & Benefits

  • A highly productive and economical solution
  • Compact machine with an ergonomic design
  • Easy to move across factory floor
  • Easy to use by the workforce
  • The SEG guide allows a perfect alignment between SEG Keder and the fabric panels

SEAS System

Reel Holder - SEAS Universal Kit

Reel Holder

SEG Keder reel holder allows easy placement of the reel and a controlled unwind, preventing the SEG keder from being too tight or too loose.

SM Optima +SEAS Feeder


Automatic system that feeds the sewing head with the amount of SEG Keder needed to perform the job.

Guide - SEAS Universal Kit


Tool placed next to the footer that is responsible for aligning the SEG Keder with the fabric panel.

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