SM Versatile +SEAS

A sewing machine capable of performing 4 different sewing operations

SM Versatile +SEAS
SM Versatile +SEAS

Increase your productivity and lower costs

with a versatile sewing machine

SM Versatile +SEAS is the right machine for companies that need to diversify their sewing solutions to create more production flexibility. With SM Versatile +SEAS, you don’t need to invest in different sewing machines to respond to different finishing requests, as it is an equipment prepared to sew at least 4 important finishing operations in a single machine:

  • Sew SEG Keder
  • Sew reinforcement tapes
  • Velcro application
  • Sew open hems


SM Versatile +SEAS is a complete sewing solution with low maintenance and high reliability that will help you increase your presence in the soft signage industry.


How SM Versatile +SEAS works?

The SM Versatile +SEAS is a highly productive sewing machine that integrates:

  • High-end lockstitch sewing machine
  • Optimized sewing table for handling large fabric panels
  • SEAS Universal Kit for SEG Keder sewing
  • Top feeder for reiforcement tape and velcro
  • Specific tool guides for reinforcement tape and velcro      

Features & Benefits

  • Compact machine, easy to transport across factory floor
  • Ease to use by the workforce
  • Quick and easy setup change between different sewing functions
  • Economical solution that allows performing 4 different sewing operations in a single machine

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