MX Event +SEAS

Automatic SEG Keder sewing system that doesn’t need a sewing expert

MX Event with SEAS
MX Event with SEAS

Increase your productivity

with an automatic SEG Keder sewing machine

Take the next step in the SEG finishing with a fully automatic sewing machine to sew SEG Keder to fabric panels – MX Event +SEAS. This sewing system improves the efficiency of the production flow, increases quality service and simplifies your sewing and SEG finishing.

The focus of this high automation is to offer a sewing solution that can be used simply by any employee of the company – to achieve more with the existing workforce.

This advanced technological solution also automatically joins large format panels with great quality and an incredibly accurate alignment to form extra-large panels.

How MX Event works?

MX Event +SEAS integrates a highly productive and reliable overlock sewing head that assures a high-speed working pace, high-quality finishing and high work efficiency.

To ensure a high level of quality, the clamps, puller and conveyor belts are electronically synchronized with the sewing machine, which allows high linear speeds and fast stops/accelerations movements.

The Silicone Edge Automated Stitching (SEAS) integrates:

  • Reel holder to ensure perfect unwinding, preventing the SEG Keder from being too tight or too loose.
  • SEG Keder feeder guarantees the perfect feeding of the sewing machine even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Fully automatic system for cutting and inserting the SEG Keder in the sewing head.

Our MX Event detects the beginning and the end of the panel and informs the SEAS system where to work.

The activation of the MX Event +SEAS can be done by remote control or operator’s foot. The control and setup of operations are made in a simple and intuitive menu on the 7-inch widescreen LCD touch panel.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly productive automatic SEG Keder sewing machine
  • Easy to use by the workforce
  • Reduce manufacturing time and increase productivity
  • Increase the quality of your service
  • Extra advantage: joins large format panels

The awarded MX Event +SEAS

SGIA choose MX Event +SEAS for the award-winning machine in the “Product Finishing Sewing” category.

We’re very proud to receive this award that honours our hard work.

Award - Product of the Year by SGIA

MX Event +SEAS with Extension Table


Sewing SEG Keder or joining panels with oversized display textiles can be a complicated task! To help handle and align heavy and oversized display textiles, we created the Extension Table to connect to the MX Event +SEAS. The conveyor on this table is synced with the MX Event +SEAS.

An innovative solution that will provide a 5-meter long working area for easy handling of textiles.

It’s possible to connect more than one Extension Table to the MX Event +SEAS according to the required work needs.

This technological solution developed with levelling castors wheels can be easily and quickly moved around the factory floor.

The MX Event +SEAS increases the productivity and efficiency of your finishing department, and when complemented with the Extension Table, it becomes an even more powerful machine.

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