MX Event +SEAS

Automatic SEG Keder sewing system that doesn’t need a sewing expert

Increase your productivity

with an automatic SEG Keder sewing machine

Take the next step in the SEG finishing with our fully automatic sewing machine, the patented MX Event +SEAS. Developed for companies that have high productions of flat keder sewing, this machine is a game-changer and will improve workflow and productivity.

With its user-friendly interface and automation, the MX Event +SEAS can be operated easily by your workforce, eliminating the need for a sewing expert. You can optimize human resources, maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

MX Event +SEAS is Industry 4.0 ready, which enables tracking of flat keder and thread consumption, empowering you to make informed decisions and manage production costs.

Can also join large fabric panels with accurate alignment.

Upgrade your SEG sewing with MX Event +SEAS and unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy and productivity for your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly productive automatic SEG Keder sewing machine
  • Easy to use by the workforce
  • Reduce manufacturing time and increase productivity
  • Increase the quality of your service
  • Extra advantage: joins large format panels

The awarded MX Event +SEAS

SGIA choose MX Event +SEAS for the award-winning machine in the “Product Finishing Sewing” category.

We’re very proud to receive this award that honours our hard work.

Award - Product of the Year by SGIA

The most powerful SEG sewing machine

Now even more powerful with Extension Tables


Sewing flat keder on oversized display textiles can present challenges. To make this task much easier we developed the Extension Table. It is possible to incorporate one or two Extension Tables to the MX Event +SEAS, allowing users to have a length of 6 to 10 meters.

Extension Tables available sizes:

  • Extension Table in 2 meters
  • Extension Table in 3 meters


Designed with levelling castor wheels, the Extension Table can be moved around the factory floor, adapting to the production needs and maximizing flexibility.

When combined with the MX Event +SEAS, the Extension Table takes your SEG finishing to new heights of productivity and efficiency. Experience the power of this dynamic duo and witness a significant boost in performance.

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